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1 Name: yuri! 2005-12-29 18:37 ID:Heaven

so what anime have we got to look forward to in the new year

all i kknow of is the hellsing OVA

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-30 01:07 ID:vrSK2ygx

i ain't translating that shit anymore go click on the links yourself buddy

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-30 01:08 ID:vrSK2ygx

oh look utawarerumono

4 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-01-31 21:05 ID:zw8n/6u1

I'm posting this here:

Ah! Megamisama TV season 2 confirmed!

5 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2006-01-31 21:15 ID:qILxWGXE

this season - Yomigaeru Sora ~Rescue Wings~

next season - KIBA with art by internet superstar Imperial Boy, Makai Senki Disgaea, a Keroro movie, a Hokuto no Ken movie

after that - Welcome to NH○, Genshiken (or maybe not)

I forget the rest

6 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-01 01:20 ID:zw8n/6u1

I want to watch Pretty Cure Splash Star. It starts february 05, 2006

7 Name: KJI!XDpPLAUYlQ 2006-02-01 16:27 ID:qRmf6DvV

School Rumble S2, soon.

8 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-01 18:45 ID:u2KWkz4r

Disgaea, Yume Tsukai, Minami-ke, Kyou no 5 no 2, ARIA S2, Aa! Megami sama S2, NHK ni Youkosou... gah, there are just too many!

9 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-01 19:40 ID:Heaven

> Yume Tsukai

I am totally not believing this, just so you know.

10 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2006-02-01 20:46 ID:Heaven

11 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2006-02-01 20:49 ID:Heaven

>Kyou no 5 no 2


12 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2006-02-01 22:08 ID:NzANZZOI

> NHK ni Youkosou

No, NH○!

Also, there's a Magical Girl Pretty Sammy sequel, which I am sure is just what we need.

13 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2006-02-02 02:09 ID:Heaven

I prefer my woman more mature.
Let's see, Black Lagoon looks promising.
And Witchblade.

14 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-02 11:57 ID:Heaven

I was looking forward to REC until I saw the commercial, it looks crappy and the voice irks me. But, I will still watch it anyway, because A. I want to see what the director's doing - he's done some generic stuff liek Sakura Wars before, but he's done some masterpieces like Lain and Kino no Tabi before. B. It's very short - only 9 episodes of 15 minutes each!

What else. Hm...

Ergo Proxy: Fuck yes. I just like this kind of stuff a lot, and I yearn for it all the more with all these crappy moe shows floating around. Manglobe for teh winz0rs!
KIBA: Teikoku Shounen background art is enough to make me watch. It doesn't seem disgusting either in general so it's all Oukei.

XXXHolic: Production I.G. redemption. Sorely disappointed by Blood+ and IGPX... I haven't watched the movie but I heard it was good. I like the director - Dokuro-chan did nothing for me but Hale nochi Guu is one of my favourite shows ever. Furthermore, the CLAMP people are involved... While that shouldn't be necessarily good for me, seeing that I don't care for CLAMP, it does imply better production control.

Black Lagoon: Madhouse is still taking on too many shows at once, but the director has done some pretty good stuff before. It was postponed from last year, perhaps they took the extra time to give it a better production. I'd like tos ee what this one's about.

NANA: Well, Paradise Kiss surprised me. I guess I'll watch this for now. Especially if it's by the good crew of Gunslinger Girl! (Same director...)

Genshiken 2: Well, duh.

NH* ni Youkoso: Also, duh.

What I'll just watch a bit of

Gintama: Seems all typical shonen jumpy sort of thingy, but I'll just check it out anyway. Shinji Takamatsu returns to Sunrise!

TOKKO: Just to see if Group Tac STILL can redeem themselves. Honestly I've been continuously disappointed by their production but so far they've chosen good source material until it came to Kage Kara Mamoru. They've got so many shows on now!! That, and Hantsuki followed by Shinigami, and then this. I see myself dropping it already but I'll just watch one episode ANYWAY...

Juuousei: It smells of shounen-ai, which can be ok to me but IMO is usally done badly... HOWEVER it's Bones so I'll see how it turns out.

Ouran High SChool Host Club: Seems like fun. Also, BONES and Maaya Sakamoto.

RAY the animation: Just to see what it is. Masami Okui doing music. Hmm. But it's OLM and Atsuhiro Tomioka... and Naohito Takahashi...

Yumetsukai: Also just to see what it is. And why WAHa can't believe it.

Witch Blade: For the eye candy. Not that interested, really.

15 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-02 13:07 ID:Heaven

I watched the Ergo Proxy trailer, and the narrator was doing his best to make it out as the WORST SHOW EVER. Luckily, the animation looked strong enough. I really just don't know what the hell was up with that trailer.

I'm totally unfamiliar with REC. Someone fill me in.

I'll also be watching KIBA for pretty much the same reason as everyone else. Also, I'm a big XXXholic fan so that's on the must-watch list.

Paradise Kiss surprised me, in a negative way. I was expecting more after Honey & Clover, and after so many people said it was good. So I dunno about NANA.

Also: Still can't fucking believe it.

16 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-02 13:10 ID:Heaven


> Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Uh, no, I don't think so.

17 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2006-02-02 13:17 ID:YRBvCRuy

>Yumetsukai: Also just to see what it is. And why WAHa can't believe it.

You have to read the manga to understand. It's whacked.

18 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2006-02-02 13:28 ID:YRBvCRuy

Another one that could be interesting: "Shinigami no Ballad: Momo the girl god of death".

Oh and I'll will watch "Papillon Rose" TV. Well, at least one episode. :)

19 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-02 14:15 ID:Heaven

> Papillon Rose

Ok, now I know this whole season is made up.

20 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-03 13:51 ID:Heaven

REC is based on manga about an aspiring seiyuu. After watching the first episode I'm kind of meh about it. Things do go fast, but we'll see. I find the lead character has a somewhat annoying voice (her singing is... er... orz) and it doesn't really feel like Ryutaro Nakamura [Lain, Kino no Tabi] but... whatever.

Now I really want to try out Yumetsukai....

21 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-12 22:57 ID:PnmcOnaV

Fate/stay night! So far it has been fairly enjoyable.

22 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2006-02-22 19:41 ID:+xZcgP45

23 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2006-02-22 20:43 ID:+xZcgP45

Except that went closed again.

24 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-23 05:44 ID:PiSOWpwt

nhk no youkoso, genshiken s2, fate/stay night, mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha s3, to heart 2.

DISCLAIMER: the whole mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha s3 thing is still a rumor, but it's supposed to be out in october.

25 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2006-02-24 07:47 ID:Ekhf19Un

Advance warning: Strawberry Panic sucks. Of course, I didn't like Marimite at all and this is just a ripoff of that, but somehow I feel this opinion will be generally shared.!

26 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-24 09:08 ID:Heaven

After watching some stuff.

Ergo Proxy was not as good as I expected, I wanted a bit more substance and the flash was flashy enough, I did expect somewhat better animation though.

REC is OK. It's short so it's just a bit of fluff here and there - and it's not really BAD in that you absolutely must stop watching it. Though the OP does suck.

27 Name: Zero3xile 2006-02-24 10:58 ID:9oiFHloA

SCHOOL RUMBLE 2.... enought said.! best show.

28 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-25 02:23 ID:J+JdTKF1



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