[drawball] Ichigo - XXXLarge [Bleach] (4)

1 Name: Draw Brothers : 2006-03-28 02:55 ID:sZjy8Cxi

OK, me and my brother decided that it would be cool if there was a huge picture of ichigo on drawball (http://www.drawball.com). So we found a cool pic to use from the anime and have hacked it up abit for more face detail and extended some bits. I have started the image with Ichigo's right eye and the location indicated below. But our ink supplies are low. HELP US!!

Reference Image:

Drawball Start Point:

From the size of the eye, you should be able to tell how big we want this thing. The reference image is pretty high resolution, but most of it is just blured from enlargeing a video image, so please do your best to clean it up on drawball :D

Thank you everyone!!!

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2006-03-28 03:47 ID:EOFC8mfy

If only it were Yoruichi :

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2006-03-28 12:10 ID:Heaven

Drawball? Oh yeah, that thing that used to be popular last week?

4 Name: Draw Brothers : 2006-03-28 12:28 ID:sZjy8Cxi

Thats why it might be possible to make something large \(^_^)/

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