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1 Name: Anonymous : 2006-06-29 05:48 ID:dTGcsOrP

What is an anime club? what do you do there? I don't think we have one in our town

2 Name: Anonymous : 2006-06-29 06:31 ID:pIAhnJSW

what the hell do you think. you gather up and do nerdy shit. it's cool

3 Name: Anonymous : 2006-06-29 06:41 ID:dTGcsOrP

right... I'm 20 plus. I don't wanna get stuck between a bunch of 12 year old yugi-oh freaks or narutards. so I better not make one, or go to one

4 Name: Desperate otoko (no ko) : 2006-06-29 08:36 ID:lZSJBVJs

sif it's a bunch of 12 year old yugi-oh-freaks and stuff. Have you even seen anime other than those? Don't go and juge others when you dont know jack about them.
I go to the anime club at my university. Basically every saturday night, the club would rent out a lecture theatre and play a number of anime episodes from 6hours. And it ranges from uni freshman to middle age men and women. Part of it is a bit sad I admit but people who go def aint 12 year old kids. And I'm 22 and I still watch anime >>3 and it's not a sad thing either. bsides, there are anime that aint even suitable for 12 year olds (and they are NOT hentai)

5 Name: Alone with /b/tards in Tampa : 2006-06-29 12:00 ID:BRlWVCOR

I go to an aime club every meeting in my local area. My problem is most of them are /b/tards. I have to admit one of the most annoying things to hear are people speaking memes out loud.

Still all of them are either in their 20s or 30s and the oldest one there is in their 40s. So its not really 12 year olds and as its once every two weeks its cool.

Still it would rock if they had more members so I'll go ahead and post their website here with hopes that someone here at 4-ch lives in Tampa.

6 Name: samapuma : 2006-06-29 17:20 ID:W4gJsMrI

Anime clubs are a lot of fun. I've been going to anime clubs since I WAS 12...kind a wierd hunh?

7 Name: Anonymous : 2006-06-29 19:39 ID:Heaven

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