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21 Name: kGo 2006-01-09 13:35 ID:x/78+Bqk

Chapter 15 - Sandy road:

I just went down route 134 and found that the place shown in [v2, p120] looks to be here, a little east of the hammer-shaped point:,139.418993&spn=0.007774,0.021672

I took a photo:

Sensei mentions that there used to be traffic jams. The western part of route 134 is known for its heavy traffic, "Enoshima traffic jam".

The road is already a little sandy. There are pine trees planted along the road to prevent sand shifting.


22 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-09 14:44 ID:nz14LVqT


Hmm, I notice the forums are down. Well, thanks for that pic - it's a very good fit for the view in

I'll get around to updating the map later tonight.

23 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-09 18:34 ID:XDpKzUi9

All right, I updated the chapter 66 locations, and chapter 15. Was there anything else?

24 Name: kGo 2006-01-10 16:31 ID:x/78+Bqk

Abandoned park Ayase visits in chapter 106:

I searched the net and found a page that shows a photo that looks like the view in chapter 106.

The photo was taken at Nanohana Park, Iiyama, Nagano. (The area is being hit by very heavy snows right now).,138.407221&spn=0.002695,0.004174

By the way, the title of chapter 106 is not properly translated in The last word of the title is 住人, "person (or people) who lives there", not 主人, "host".

25 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-11 01:47 ID:Heaven

Hmm, that does look similar, but it's hard to tell for sure. If only there were some more hints...

Also, I notice there's a replacement for the forums, but I really don't like them, so I'll stay over here in this thread.

26 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-11 13:58 ID:XDpKzUi9

And so as not to have this thread taken up by nothing but map disucssion, I'll mention for those who haven't been keeping up that chapter 119-138 of YKK are available here nowadays:

And, it looks a lot like it will be ending quite soon.

27 Name: kGo 2006-01-15 17:00 ID:x/78+Bqk

Well, here are some hints.
It's surrounded by hills and mountains. 山あい
It's far enough from Mt. Fuji. 富士山近くのあの道とは違って
The town is not big, not small. 中くらいの町
There is a train station. 駅
There is a river. わりと大きな川
The park is pretty in the evening. 夕方のきれいな公園

I'm not 100% sure, but I think it is a better "guess" than Otsuki, which is on Route 20 (甲州街道). Ayase said there's no traffic but I believe Route 20 should have fair amount of traffic. Alpha says Route 413 is a "shortcut" [v8, p83] and can't be driven upon [v8, p80]. I suspect Route 20 would be the most usual way to drive to Hamamatsu from Musashino, in Alpha's world.

28 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-16 18:07 ID:Heaven

You're right that it's probably a better guess. I'll change it to this one, and keep it marked as a guess.

29 Name: Random Manga Otaku 2006-01-16 19:15 ID:HQwkKjPL

I'd like to know if the original chapter zips are mirrored anywhere. I personally have up to volume 9, but never got the individual chapter zips after that. And there may be others who'd like to have read the first volumes.

30 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-16 21:09 ID:Heaven

Uh, they're at the site linked in >>1 (up to 121), and >>26 for the rest?

31 Name: Random Manga Otaku 2006-01-18 03:53 ID:Heaven

whoa, the site's back up. It was down for a couple days and we thought it was the end of it, what with the lack of updates.

32 Name: kGo 2006-01-29 14:28 ID:x/78+Bqk

Brushfire - Chapter 75:

Alpha crossed O-Tarumi Pass, came down to Hino,
and watched the fire from the edge of a plateau.

O-Tarumi Pass:,139.227902


There is a plateau called "Shinmei Daichi" in Hino.

I took some photos from the edge of the plateau:,139.397213,139.398866,139.398737

By the way, should we go back to's forum?

33 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-01-30 19:13 ID:Heaven

Map updated!

As for the forum, it doesn't matter to me, I check both anyway. The people att might be more interested, though.

34 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-25 19:44 ID:XDpKzUi9

NEWSFLASH: YKK ended yesterday, at chapter 140.

35 Name: Random Manga Otaku 2006-02-26 06:03 ID:+qCBtBds



36 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2006-03-01 02:20 ID:Heaven

I don't see how anyone who read chp 139 can be surprised at this :p

37 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-03-01 15:54 ID:Heaven

Not just chapter 139. The story has been working towards this since sometime just after chapter 100. The focus changed from an appreciation of the world in the status quo to the inevitability of change and loss. It became more obvious in the 120s and 130s, and then in the last few chapters the story started making the final big jumps foward in time. The only open question to me was when, not if.

38 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2006-03-01 19:11 ID:fRoLUY/I

I knew it was gonna end soon for the longest time... but still... ;_;

Hopefully the mangaka's new series will be good.

39 Name: dDave : 2006-03-03 06:28 ID:xuer4SVY

>Hopefully the mangaka's new series will be good.

I suspect it will be.



40 Name: MJP@work!.NK7VIATZo : 2006-03-16 20:38 ID:yh0jPAsv

Anyone have a batch torrent, RapidShare, or YSI for the entire manga? I lost mine and want to do the whole thing from beginning to end.

41 Name: Random Manga Otaku : 2006-03-16 21:51 ID:Heaven

Just get it from the linked sites.

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