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1 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 01:36 ID:PYzsUxzs

I want to leave a copy of the message when i retrieve e-mail from pop but is there a wake to mark the copy that is still on the mailserver as read?

2 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 03:45 ID:Qs2DJYEK

Tools>Accounts>Properties(of your account)>Advanced tab>mark "Leave a copy of messages on server" checkbox

The process is automatic so you won't download old messages again to the same computer.

3 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 06:54 ID:D0QGiwSY

out of curiosity why are you using outlook express?

4 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 08:06 ID:Gm6uG4Or

probably because there are no good free mail clients for windows...
mozilla thunderbird is better than outlook express, but it fails for being made of gecko (= insane memory usage)

5 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 08:44 ID:PYzsUxzs

that's for your help 2 but I'm trying to mark the copy on the server as read. I leave a copy on the server already because I don't want outlook screwing up and crashing so it deletes the e-mail but then corrupts it so I lose it entirely. my question is how to have it mark the e-mail copy that is on the webserv as "alread read". i use another program to check my pop e-mail and notify me if new e-mail has arrived but because outlook only copies the e-mails to my computer and leaves the one's on the webserver unchanged, the pop e-mail checking program i'm using keeps thinking I haven't checked my e-mail.

and i'm using outlook because I started off using outlook from way back in the day. in retrospect, i would have liked to use something else but at the same time, i don't want to migrate to a new program now because i'm so settled into this one. I have considered using the thunderbird thing though. perhaps it has the option I am looking for...

7 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-19 21:43 ID:w2/s/wiz

i was thinking more of something like kmail...

8 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-04-20 00:02 ID:Heaven

What about Pegasus Mail?

And then there's Opera...

9 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-20 03:16 ID:w2/s/wiz

> What about Pegasus Mail?
> And then there's Opera...

i've never tried pegasus mail, but from the screenshots i just found with google, it looks even worse than opera (http://4-ch.net/net/kareha.pl/1127604261/11,13 and http://4-ch.net/net/kareha.pl/1110769901/4,32,108)...

10 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-20 05:04 ID:Qs2DJYEK

I've tried Pegasus, and it's horribly clunky. OE is the only free client I have found that is relatively painless to setup for multiple users and accounts, as well as being fast in downloading new messages.

11 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-20 09:40 ID:PYzsUxzs

lol does anyone know how to fix my "mark as read" problem though? ^_^

12 Name: 4n0n4ym0u5 h4xx0r : 2006-04-20 13:27 ID:E9I+AmQo

>>7 kmail is a hassle to get it running in windows today. You'll need to compile kmail under a cygwin environment. When kde4 is ported to windows, you'll get all the kde apps working in windows.

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