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1 Name: X68000♪ 05/01/04(Tue)01:43 ID:UUkyr9sV [Del]

why are the character designs totally different now? they even changed the hair color of Yukito >.> i dont like it :((

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5 Name: Serial ATA 05/02/22(Tue)04:51 ID:R9y8gAFF

To answer your question:

AIR Movie was made by Toei Animation, the same studio responsible of making and producing Kanon TV whereas AIR TV we're watching now is done by Kyoto Animation. Hope this will clear up the confusion you have, X68000.

6 Name: X68000 2005-03-03 21:38 ID:1ExD5AvC

wow someone could write a real answer ^.^happy
However, i think its bad if they change the chara designs like that.. i even heard that the character's personalities have changed in the movie etc. i dont know if i want to see it :\

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8 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-04-07 09:48 ID:1Tj1iA16

AIR TV is just killing! Remarkablly well done!
Everyone MUST see it!

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