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1 Name: Random Anime Otaku 05/01/24(Mon)07:01 ID:Heaven

UG is the best in this season.
UG is a parody of Ultraman and UltraQ. We (Japanese) watched Ultraman, when we were kids. So we understand that UG have many funny and dear parody of these. but I worry about that non japanese cannot understand UG's fun...

2 Name: Morg!MPEaAQqH7w 05/01/24(Mon)20:00 ID:9PmixR+H

I understand it perfectly, as I used to watch Ultraseven as a kid, and more recently, Ultramana Tiga, and consider myself a moderate Ultra-fan.

Maybe I should look into UG then..

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku 05/01/24(Mon)20:04 ID:Heaven

A lot of us non japanese have seen Ultraman, or sentai shows with giant monsters. I think last year they showed one of the new Ultraman series. Even though I haven't seen an entire Ultraman episode myself, I am finding UG quite funny. I'm probably missing a lot of the more obscure in-jokes though. I wouldn't have known about the Amuro reference through UFO Man's voice actor without the note explaining in the subtitles.

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