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1 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-18 19:16 ID:Rti74bMK

Does anyone know where I can find subtitles for the Detective Conan movies? I need soft sub files, but I can't find them anywhere. Please help me 4-Channelers T.T

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-19 21:28 ID:Rti74bMK


3 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 06:49 ID:Heaven

Considering how popular Conan is, and how popular softsubs are right now, you're probably better off getting hardsubs and transcribing them.

4 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 07:48 ID:Rti74bMK

I don't know anything about softsubs for animes, but I figured since they existed for practically every movie ever made that they would make them for anime, too

Oh well, I'll just re-download them and make sure that they have subtitles first

5 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 12:20 ID:Heaven

> however discussion of downloading licenced series isn't permitted.

6 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 16:31 ID:Rti74bMK

I wasn't discussing it, I was just saying that I would be more careful next time

You can't seriously think that I meant anything offending by that statement

7 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 18:50 ID:bZ5O0NQy

script-club.org, maybe?

8 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-20 22:20 ID:Heaven

The anime fansub community tends to have a retarded streak of ludditeism when it comes to softsubs and non-avi containers, as well as schizophrenic fear of people "stealing" their work. Not to mention something that could be a fetish for fancy fonts and effects in subs or just typesetters and encoders trying to justify their jobs.

9 Name: Random Fansubber 2005-12-20 23:56 ID:meD1zwZ0


What can I say? I hate leaving it so people could take things I've spent a lot of work and time on and release it as their own without giving credit.

10 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-21 00:30 ID:Heaven


Why on earth would they do that in the first place?

11 Name: Random Fansubber 2005-12-21 03:21 ID:meD1zwZ0


Hence the "could."

There are some "fansubbers" who would do that... and trust me, it's been done before.

However, more fansubbers are starting to use softsubs, especially with H.264 coming into play and the fansubbing scene not being as closed as it once was... I guess.

12 Name: Random Fansubber 2005-12-21 22:36 ID:meD1zwZ0

sort of relevant: http://www.anime-u.net/

13 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2005-12-24 03:05 ID:Rti74bMK

Thanks for the info guys

I'm not really into anime that much anymore, I just felt some nostalgia for Conan a few days ago and decided to watch some episodes again.

I got 1-20, all hardsubbed, and I couldn't find any working torrents of the movies. I got the 9th movie from a Korean p2p program, but it was in raw Japanese with no subs

I watch alot of movies, and when they don't come with subs, I can find a softsub file practically anywhere. I just assumed it was the same way with animes, but now I see it's not the case

But like I said, I just don't watch anime that often anymore, so it's not like this is a major inconvenience

Thanks again

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