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"With a name derived from the infamous Kenkanryu, Ohta Books has published Ken Otaku Ryu, "Hating the Otaku Wave." Unlike Kenkanryu, Ken Otaku Ryu is not a manga, the 224 page book vilifies otaku and is a counter-piece to the recent positive press that otaku culture has received from Japanese and international media. Among other things, the book focuses on and attacks moe and lolicon interests and states that otaku discriminate against women."

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4 Name: Random Anime Otaku 2006-02-06 23:50 ID:WWGm7UxK

the ANN thread about that is fantastic. there are so many gems. the part about ken otaku ryu as HATE LITERATURE in particular really stands out. the guy even godwins it up and indirectly compares it to the NAZIS. magnificent.

on a less hilarious note there's also the rampant denial of the presence of any kind of sexualization, or any pandering at ALL to a male otaku audience, in nanoha, a magical girl show (indirectly created by an h-game company) that airs at two in the morning.

oh, and the guy who is shocked that anybody could possibly think of ichigo mashimaro as a "lolicon" show is kind of lawl.

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