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1 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-05-28 19:57 ID:BJQgcNqB

In Great Teacher Onizuka ep. 5, what does he write on the girls' panties? The version I watched didn't translate it.

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-05-28 20:27 ID:1okdBwnq

Not sure if it's the same scene we're talking about, but in chapter 22 of the manga he writes on their naked butts: "YOSHIKAWA, WE ARE SORRY! Sorry, Noboru. Hope our butts will help you forgive us. -Naoko Izumi; We promise to think about what we have done. - Anko Uehara; We'll never pick on you again. -Mayuko Asano"

3 Name: According to anime : 2007-05-28 21:18 ID:t1lbcXv7

Capital leter (Follow left-to-right

>吉川君 ごめん なさい
>Yoshikawa-kun gomen nasai.

(forgive me yoshikawa-kun)

Small letter

>Oshiri de yurushite

(Hope our butts will help you forgive us.)

>もうしません 泉尚子のケツ
>Mou shimasen, izumi-naoko no ketsu

(We will never do again. The butt of Naoko-Izumi.)

>オシリで汶して 浅野麻由子の???(could not read)
>Oshiri de ?shite

(please do ?, ??? of Mayuko-Asano.

("汶" is not used in Japan so I can't read this.
Maybe it's Chinese subcontractor's work.)

sorry to my bad english and engrish.

4 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-05-31 03:08 ID:Heaven


I can imagine saying that in Japanese class somehow. "Oshiri de yurushite!"

5 Name: Pocky Girl : 2007-06-14 19:49 ID:wIM97lHb

I kept wondering what that mean I am glad I know now lol

6 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-06-14 20:32 ID:L9khnA1W

Do it, and bed over pulling your pants down as you say it. It'll be epic. :D

7 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-06-16 08:34 ID:Fxy8jMXS

Better yet, do it at a con. Better yet, do it at AX2007 while the TV crew are filming.

8 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-07-05 14:02 ID:f1FqfZRo


you did?

9 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-07-29 04:06 ID:daJSxhq/

so uhhh another question does onizuka get full score on his test?

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