Post your short story/Review crappy short stories thread (58)

50 Name: Mylah : 2007-04-03 19:27 ID:N4vNOaVE

Here's my story

harry leened over and kissed the girl her name was Silver Anna Marie Coral James and she was 14 and harry was 15. he was harry potter and he was famous in the wizarding world cause he went to hogwarts the wizard school. Silver kissed him back and they kissed a lot for the next few minutes "why did you kiss me" silver said "i didnt know you liked me like that" "i do" said harry "and i'm going with dumbldore to find voldmorts horcruz and if i dont come back i want to have kissed you first" Silver blushed "oh harry come on youll come back because im waiting for you" harry shrugged "i hope i do"

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