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1 Name: Bookworm : 2009-10-04 08:55 ID:PckMkk2A

Living in a swamp. Each of us humans posseses and maintains
a mental hierarchy of task groups. When encountered with a new task,
we fit it in one of those groups, which determine its importance. If
confronted with a task which does not fit any of the groups, we're
exposed to personality changes, which will re-evaluate our
hierarchy. I always wanted to live in a swamp, wearing a red cocktail
dress, prancing around barefoot attacking poachers, living off the
land and so forth. I know this to be a fantasy of mine, and not
reality, for I live in the city, and any swamp would be dry by
now. Therefore, tasks to me are not of importance; they don't lead
closer to my goals, nor do they place me further.

The superman. Here is a question for the reader: what is the
difference between the personalities of two men? To what does that
amount to? To understand what is meant by different personalities
imagine some event which requires a choice. For example, imagine
someone asking his friend for help. If his friend was lazy, he might
had answered "no" more than he would if he was willing (ie not
lazy). We can't answer what makes someone lazy or what makes
someone willing, but we can observe their behavior in different
problems/events and deduce from that. Being lazy is just part of ones
personality, which we found tasks to affect. Now, if we imagine a lazy
teenager with a poor family, whose father died suddenly, this very
person will be confronted with the family tasks of his father: to work
for the family. It might be his strong love for his mother, that
triggers this (it may also the case that the teenager does not have
this personality change, but the consequences of this are
irrelevant). One part which affects our personality and makes
us different from others when confronted with the same problem, is our
will to handle new tasks. All tasks are the same to me; My personality
now is forever lost, replaced by something more powerful, a lack of
personality! Decisions for tasks can be taken with arbitrary different
criteria. Upon realizing this, it is only a matter of
context-switching between different criteria: If you're alone, to
study and educate oneself is the prime task; if you're with others, to
bring happiness and joy to them for its the most powerful social
weapon (unless of course you are not forced to live with others, in
which case you don't need to care about social). These are simply
examples. You don't need to follow a life of education nor to be the
heart of every company. Any life is to be pursued if the individual
wants to. The superman.

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