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1 Name: Russo_turisto : 2010-04-14 12:41 ID:MzK9Pfer

Good Afternoon, Anonimous! Wonderful, that you know what literature is but...Oh Great Anonimous! What do you know about literature? Actually, I don't care, whether you like it or not.
In Brief - Do you know RUSSIAN literature? Of course, you can send me somewhere far-far away, but really? Sure, you've already read Dostoevskiy or, maybe, Tolstoy - BUT! - Why don't you know know such wonderful authors as Averchenko or Chehov? What's wrong with your eyes and ears, oh my great Friend, if you still have not read (or heard - let it be audiobooks) a single word(or novel) written by Beliaev or Shishkin? Where did you spend time all this life so that you don't know "Slovo o polku Igoreve"? A. Alexin, V. Panova, Gogol, Leskov - just think about this Anonimous! Or you are going to spend all your life on games and spells? Then sorry, but, I hope, someone will like at least ONE of the names I told you. Bye-bye, I am ready to help you, if you want!
P.S. Of course, I know, I can f*ck myself. But I am not interested =)) See ya later! If you want, my big Harsh Friend, I'll give you some links - just ask!
З.Ы. Sorry Anonimous, I am Russian, so, I am sure, you'll find many mistakes in this mesage.

2 Name: Bookworm : 2010-04-14 21:41 ID:oO2LOHW3

While I am sure Russian literature has much to offer, I lack the cultural context that may influence my ability to appreciate it's subtleties. In addition, not knowing a word of Russian means I must rely on a translator to reconstruct the work in my mother tongue, a process which always leaves much to be desired in accurately relating the style and substance intended by the author.

For the above reasons, I gave up on reading Crime and Punishment and have never reattempted a second perusal.

However, if you wish to recommend to me the works of one Russian poet, I would very much like to study a small sample. And perhaps move on from there.

3 Name: Bookworm : 2010-07-10 12:26 ID:QaqF5nDw

We was a pretty good book. Felt like a prelude to Brave New World

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