Help Put My Novel, "A Burning Youth", In Print! (5)

1 Name: Samuel : 2011-05-14 01:00 ID:pcLxn/IJ

Hello All,

I just found this board and like what I see, so apologies if this is in the wrong place or considered uncouth.

I have been accepted to KickStarter in hopes of raising enough money to print my debut novel, "A Burning Youth". The link follows:

The story comes from two questions: what is it that typifies young people; that which they believe of the fervency with which they believe it, and who was right about human nature, John Locke or Thomas Hobbes. The tale is framed around a WTO riot in Denver where a photographer capturers the image of two people, a man and a woman, both being restrained by the police but still managing to push themselves into each other to embrace. The picture becomes an iconic image, and the story, told from the point of view of a character who knows the two in the picture, describes the events that led up to the picture and what happened afterwards.

As I'm sure you writers out there are aware, while the internet does allow for a greater venue to try and enlist support, it also can be a challenge to get anyone to pay attention.

If you like what you see, donate; your money, your time in telling others, anything. Every little bit is appreciated. If you don't like it, here’s hoping you find something you do.

All the best,


2 Name: Bookworm : 2011-05-23 22:06 ID:JWy+wygN

>who was right about human nature


3 Name: Bookworm : 2011-05-27 20:48 ID:uJVH8uGQ

This guy has been spamming every single English-speaking message board on the face of the internet.

Jesus christ, fuck off already

4 Name: Bookworm : 2011-05-27 21:51 ID:Heaven

the guy is in love with the fact that he's a "writer"

5 Name: Bookworm : 2011-06-16 10:01 ID:Heaven

> John Locke or Thomas Hobbes

These philosophers are on the minds of young people every minute of every day. When teenagers jerk off, they're all secretly imagining themselves in a threesome with John Locke and Tommy Hobbes...

Why not do it yourself, OP? Haven't you heard self-publishing is the path to endless fame and fortune and that they now accept Discover card?

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