Weird story about ISS (8)

1 Name: #!/usr/bin/anon 2006-02-08 11:36 ID:N5vYXr06

Hey, want to hear something really weird about ISS ? Here goes.

I received a bug report from one of users, apers that one ASP file suddenly started to ask for username and password (We here use integrated Windows authentication to restrict user access in our application). Well, I did the logical thing and checked ACL and ISS config, but nothing seamed to be wrong, so I tried to give all possible rights for that file to all possible users, still, it just sits there and asks me for username and password.

What to do, what to do ? I started to experiment with content of that file. And guess what ? When from that file, somewhere in middle, I remove "width=300,height=350" it works again ! Yes, I removed few characters and it works ! I'm shitting you not ! What the fucking hell is up with that ?! I mean, really, now, what the heck has some ECMAScript parameters to do with file access rights ?! Gawd ! Am I missing something here ?

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