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Yale University Research  Today almost two-thirds of burakumin (pronounced boo-RAH-koo-min) say in opinion polls that they have never encountered discrimination. About 73 percent now marry non-burakumin,
and most dismiss the possibility that the Japanese police might treat burakumin unfairly.
Social workers say crime is a disproportionate problem among young burakumin, but the issue is so sensitive that no Japanese scholars have conducted research on it.
One rare statistical study, conducted by Americans in the 1960's, found that burakumin youths were three times as likely as non-buraku youths to be arrested for crimes.
In the buraku of Kobe, the nicest houses -- gaudy American-style homes with wide porches and Mercedes-Benzes in the driveway -- belong to yakuza bosses. As a result,
the "success stories" whom children in the buraku see as they grow up are often mobsters.

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