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1 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4516 18:45 [no]

PSP; Hells Yeah.

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Sell Me Shit

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It is now official. Netcraft confirms: >>1 is dying

One more crippling bombshell hit the already beleaguered >>1 fan community when IDC confirmed that >>1 market share has dropped yet again, now down to less than a fraction of 1 percent of all posts. Coming on the heels of a recent Netcraft survey which plainly states that >>1 has lost more market share, this news serves to reinforce what we've known all along. >>1 is collapsing in complete disarray, as fittingly exemplified by failing dead last in the recent attempt to GET 1000.

You don't need to be a Kreskin to predict >>1's future. The hand writing is on the wall: >>1 faces a bleak future. In fact there won't be any future at all for >>1 because >>1 is dying. Things are looking very bad for >>1. As many of us are already aware, >>1 continues to lose market share. Red ink flows like a river of blood.

>>1 is the most endangered of them all, having lost 93% of its core brain cells. The sudden and unpleasant departures of long time >>1 supporters >>2 and >>950 only serve to underscore the point more clearly. There can no longer be any doubt: >>1 is dying.

Due to the troubles of kusosure, abysmal replies and so on, >>1 went out of business and was taken over by >>100- who sell another troubled GET. Now >>500 is also dead, its corpse turned over to yet another charnel house.

All major surveys show that >>1 has steadily declined in market share. >>1 is very sick and its long term survival prospects are very dim. If >>1 is to survive at all it will be among GET dilettante dabblers. >>1 continues to decay. Nothing short of a miracle could save it at this point in time. For all practical purposes, >>1 is dead.

Fact: >>1 is dying

4 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4516 23:32 [no]

GJ! d(-_-)

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