Policy Enforcement (v2) (11)

1 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4743 16:19

There's been a lot of confusion and disapproval about the "new rules", so I'd like to clear things up and revise the policy slightly. When you bump a thread in /b/, it takes longer for it to die. So if you bump a thread with illegal content, that illegal content stays on the board longer, and 4chan gets angry letters. Rather than relying on the moderators working around the clock on every board to delete things, we're asking for your help to make 4chan's system work.

To discourage participation in illegal threads, it's now against the rules to reply to a thread with illegal content. If you post in these threads, you will be banned for 2 weeks, regardless of whether you "contributed" to the thread or not. If you see a thread that breaks these rules, just report it and ignore it.

In addition, "Jailbait" threads, private forum/wiki invasions, and posting personal information are examples of things that aren't illegal but still open us to legal threats. We will not ban all replies to these threads, but we will delete them and issue bans to the thread starter or other major participants if necessary. The rules have not changed with regards to these borderline-legal threads.

Our goal is to keep 4chan fun and unrestrictive, so we hope that these common-sense rules won't be much of a burden.

P.S.: The previous sticky was written by doug, not "THE MODS". This one was written by coda.

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