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1 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4781 18:05

i am currently unemployed and out of school. i used to get paid for pretending to be a girl and chatting with men online. disgusting. i left. it was good money though. i can't hold a normal job dealing with people face to face all the time. but i'm trying to break out of my shell. with the money i made selling drugs back in high school i was able to invest in music. i bought enough equipment and wattage to realize my dream. my band was banned from 3 venues for breaking things and injuring people in the crowd. i don't like who is lighting up during a performance or running their mouths. now, my music is on hiatus. i have injured myself also spiritually.
i only go out to take pictures of this fucked decaying world. i am my own student of art. i am completely living in my head. learning a new language, unlearning guitar is easy. loving the world isn't. i am poor. my family is poor. but all around me is rich. why? all around me is everyone is happy. why? i want to destroy it. they are holding hands. i can give them my cd and they can fuck to my incredible sound of pure hate.

2 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4781 18:17

It is a year ago that I lost you.
I hope you still watch over me from the heaven.
You were my first girlfriend in my life.
I was so glad to have such a wonderful girlfriend like you. I was really happy.
But everything changed when you were suddenly diagnosed with leukemia. It was so painful to watch you languishing day by day on the hospital bed.
You sometimes smiled and said, "I didn't know that hospital is such a boring place."
Did you know that I was crying behind your back every time after I saw your weak smile?
I gave you my old laptop so that you could spend your time on surfing the Internet. I vividly remember your happy face at that time.
That way, you started the Internet.
You especially liked the BBS called "2-channel." You accessed to the BBS all the day.
One day, you said with your accustomed smile,
"Look! I got a 2-GET again!"
"You shouldn't access to the Internet all the day. It is bad for your health," I said.
"I know, but look! This 3rd guy says, '2-GET!' But actually he didn't, you know? It's so funny, isn't it?"
I didn't say anything more. I couldn't, because you looked so happy.
"Look! This 3rd guy is now saying, 'Damn!' He is using funny ASCII art! He is a kind of cute, isn't it?"
I was just silent. Seeing your smile, I felt inexpressibly sad.
Then, she sighed, "I hope he will remember..."
"...I hope he will remember that he was snatched his '2' by someone he had never met. I hope he will remember it even after I've gone away...Well, I know it is not likely, but I hope..."

Several months later, you left the world, surrounded by your family and me.

You are not in the world any more.
And now I am clicking the F5 key again and again.
So that the 3rd guy will remember you.
So that he will remember you forever and ever.
Now, together with you in the heaven, I will here engrave:
           2  G  E  T

3 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4781 19:04


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5 Name: LOLIHAET TRIPCODE!PYZX54X2L. : 1993-09-4786 07:02

(/ デ.ㄟ) Where have you been all my life?

6 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4786 08:01

You forgot the funny ASCII art.

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