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I was wandering through the dark aimlessly, somewhere in the woods. It had been but a week since 4-ch was shut down permanently, and I had already realized the utter emptiness of my life. I had been a slave to the Internet, never bothering to leave my room, always refreshing the page to see what other bored lumps of meat like myself had to say about the world. But the cynical bullshit I had read on 4-ch was the highest and most accurate filter of human experience. All six billion of our lives can be summarized in five words: "breathe, eat, shit, and die." When you meet someone on the street, you already know their life story. At least when I am walking out here, I know nobody will bother me, and I can make a left turn or a right turn without worrying about what anyone else will think of me.

The trees rustled in the wind. It felt good to be out here, probably half a mile from the nearest human being. The path I was travelling was marked on no map; it was overgrown with wet grass. I might even be lost. I grinned at the idea. A squirrel scampered up a tree in front of me. This was a quiet place. I had come far enough that no other person could be out here. These animals wouldn't mind to have a body in front of them. This would be a good place to die.

I reached into my pocket, for the final step. I savoured, somewhere deep down, the intensity of the moment, which I could never feel again. I thought back on all the pointless things I had done. Then I saw something in front of me. It was a human figure, walking from the other direction.

It was a girl. Her hair was long, straight, and brown. She was wearing a train conductor's hat and a forest green jacket with pockets. She wasn't wearing makeup. Her eyes were bold, staring at me. "Hi," she said.
"Hi," I said, trying to shrug her off.
"Going on ahead?" she asked.
"Actually, I was going to stop here for a while."
"How long?"
She was putting me in a tight spot. "Why do you want to know?"
"I wanted to sit here, too. But alone."
"Sorry." I didn't budge. I had found my spot and I didn't want to give it up. She sat down on the side of the road, and I did, too. I still had my hand in my pocket.
"I'm going to wait for as long as I need to, you know."
"Me too."
"Why are you walking so late at night?" I asked.
"I've been thinking. About stuff."
"There's a lot of bullshit stuff."
"Sure is." She dug a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and stuck one in her mouth. Then she bent her head down and lit it with a Zippo. "Hope you don't mind."
"Whether I mind or not, I won't care much in an hour."
She exhaled, and glanced in my direction. "Why's that?"
I couldn't tell her why. "Well, I hope you'll be gone by then."
"Don't worry," she said. "I'll be gone." She took another slow breath with the cigarette. Inhale. Exhale. "How about you?"
"Just wandering around," I said.
"What's so great about this spot, then?"
"I come out here all the time," I lied. "It's nice when there's nobody else around."
Inhale. Exhale.
"Those'll kill you, you know."
"I wish."
"Just kidding with you."
Inhale. Exhale. Silence.
"I guess I'll leave you, then," I said. I stood up, intending to walk back the way I came.
She stood up, too, and rubbed out her cigarettes. "Actually, I got to go as well. Nice talking with you."
"Bye." I turned around to go. It was a long trip back to the entrance, and the night was damp and cold. I'd made it all this way, and I couldn't even do what I wanted to do.
"Wait a minute," she said.
I turned back. "Yeah?"
She kissed me on the lips, and breathed. I felt the tobacco filling my mouth, penetrating my lungs. Her breath was conquering mine, her whole body was pressed against mine. She was so warm.
"Thanks," she whispered. She let go and looked down at the ground.
"Thank you," I said. And I turned around, and we walked home our separate ways.

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