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555 Name: ( ・∀・)  : 1993-09-5154 04:14

My Time Cube Web Site has been destroyed, and now I will seek revenge by destroying the false god of the Invaders who slaughtered the Families of Indigenous People of America, still today impounded in many reservations about the Nation by the Evil Invaders, acting as Gods of ONEness. Know yourself now as Evil as any Nazis awaiting a coming Trial of Justice.

I informed you that I was The Wisest Human and The Greatest Thinker - and you mocked me and riduculed me, or ignored my Wisdom - it's now payback time. The dead Jew image you worship
as a god is impossible by simple mathematical drawing that offers absolute Proof that there are 4 corner simultaneous Days within only 1 Earth Rotation - debunking the 1 Day 1 God ONEness invention of android fools. You actually know nothing except what you are taught, for at age 6, your parents gave your Opposite Analytical Brain to an unnatural Foreign Power and they
destroyed your ability to think Opposite From the Crap taught. The subject matter was not important. What was important was that you became subservient and accepted any crap taught without Question. Even now, you have no idea that your mind has been destroyed - is the reason for your worship of a dead Jew and inability to comprehend Nature's Harmonic 4 simultaneous Day Cubed Earth Rotation. The ONEness Construct you worship as a God is merely a Satanic ploy in guise - that will destroy nature, inducing Easter Island End.

All Creation occurs between Opposites, that exist only as Opposites with a zero value existence - and cancelling to nothing as ONEness, Singularity or Godism. No Physical Force is large enough to Create the Sun and Earth Binary - so there is no physical force - so that leaves a Spirit or Principle Creation. The Cube and Great Pyramid equate to Life and Time - so that equates the SPIRIT. Also, both the Cube and Great Pyramid depict the\ Abstract of Human Physical Form. I welcome Help on a major Time Cube Symposium. I really don't want to destroy all my years of Work. We will have to free up your mind to it's child age stage of analytical ability.
Your friend and damn good Thinker-
Gene Ray

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