[Catastrophy] Emergency [Gay magic] (89)

62 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4973 17:48

Third place. What the gay is going on ?! Serious action must be taken and a guide is a best alternative when carrying out and it is w.

We forgot to mention in this thread that gay magic needs a special supply of mana to be cast. Ordinary mana will not work and will cause the caster to be poisoned, stunned, confused, etc.

You need to fill your third gay mana bar (only hidden if you are a closet faggot - honest homosexuals can see it, and proud homosexuals get to see a special flashing rainbow-color-alternating bar), which can only be replenished using gay fuel cans.

Light gay fuel cans are shipped worldwide and are available at the reasonable price of 125 homo coins each. However, this is not enough mana for some spells - you will need heavy gay fuel instead.

Heavy gay fuel cans can only be crafted from raw materials (including soccer balls, drugs, flowers, boys' love and random Final Fantasy / Guilty Gear fanfics) by gay archmages, who get the craftsmanship skill as a reward for acing the wizard class. Either buy some from gay archmages or craft them yourself, if you are this gay !

Drinking gay fuel for 40 hours straight* will make your head spin - accelerating your gay mana regeneration rate - and 2 extra hours (totaling 42) will enable you to answer everything about the gay with 100% accuracy as long as you keep drinking.

* not a pun nor a nickname copyright infringement, it is a guarantee
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