[I'm sooo mean] 4chnia Tech Massacre [Boo hoo] (37)

31 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4999 02:41

Interesting juxtaposition of words. Cho "rejected Xianity", yet
he "condemned debauchery" and mammon-worship. In the sense that
most self-described "Christians" are wholesale hypocrites, then
Cho rejected them, not our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. Or if
Cho did say he rejected Christianity, I haven't seen this video,
or read it in his manifesto. Perhaps someone knows where he said
"I reject Christianity". Are these Cho's word's, or the media's?

>and called himself "Ishmael" or
>"Ismail Ax". Scores of bloggers have speculated about a link to

Cho's aforementioned condemnation of debauchery, and mammon-
worship, and imputed rejection of westernized "Christianity",
rejection -- condemnation, such reveals Cho's projection of
his own feelings of not fitting into a hypocritical society
of "Christians" who worship mammon and promote all manner of
debauchery. Obviously, Cho himself felt--in some ways, was--
rejected and condemned by the aforesaid. Cho didn't fit in,
much as our Muslim brethren are having trouble "fitting in",
or our Mexican brethren are having trouble "fitting in" etc.
But all nations, all peoples are guilty of being xenophobic,
hypocritical, mammon-worshipping and into everything immoral;
if not one thing, then something else, sinners are always
into something immoral, pornography, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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