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ITT Weeaboos

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Weaboos should be crushed by the girls at Agastia.com
That might get through their thick skulls that not all Japanese girls living in Japan are of the ideal body mass index.

Then again, the lesson about the 1985-1988 Nissan Maximas has yet to impact. Nevermind the loss of CFC refrigerant, powerless alternators, scorched wet-cell lead-acid batteries, hydrocarbon hermmorageing power steering racks, or non-conducting ignition wires. All they can think about is the KAWAII voice chip, impeccable reliability of HITACHI electronic engine components, and Nissan's Metallurgical Mastery of the engine internals. Hell, the cars can go for 10 years without leaking oil.

I know I made another great post about weaboos in another DQN thread.

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This is not an english thread why did you post it

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he's so bishounen kawaii sugoi!! kyaaa!! :blush:

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