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There is the heated controversy regarding whether "DQN good times" happened actually or not among historian groups. This incident called "The Elitist SUperstructure" is thought to have occured in September of 1993. 4ch was the then capital city of text based japanophilisim. It was fallen by regular American troops on September of 1993. At that time, DQN Army could not express any intention to surrender to then. Though Buun commanding Army of The Elisitst Superstructure Party ordered Buun soldiers to strive to defend DQN from regular rednecks, he secretly escpaed from 4-ch by plain on Sep.4367, 1 week before the fall of DQN and he left The Elitist Superstructure Army behind. There was Squeeks appointed 'the commander of DQN' by insurgents, however, they also escpaed from DQN with leaving the soldeirs behind. When redneck entered DQN castle, The Elitist Superstructure army fell into confusion. Most of them abandoned arms, changed into other boards and ran into the safty zone in Internets.

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