Best Looking in Asia (54)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-03 16:55 ID:rWyW/ac2

Now in everyone's honest opinion (and no blind patriotism please), which Asian country do you think has the best looking people? And which, the best dressed?

No flame war please. Just want to find out what everyone thinks.

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-03 17:03 ID:piPlAIPh

Most well-groomed: Japan --> take a lot of care with their dressing and make-up

Best-looking average people: N India & Singapore --> a lot of stunners/ above average lookers on the street

Best-looking people on TV: Korean, Hong Kong --> all the actresses are gorgeous

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6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-08 03:48 ID:mEJI7C0K

Best looking people on TV......definately Korea.

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8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-13 13:55 ID:wRwjlbI+

uh... this is hard and arbitrary. I'm not going to give the whole anti-racism b.s. speech here. But I think it's all subjective. Someone I think is hot might not necessarily be attractive to you.

overall I'd say... can't say. I've never been to any asian country at an age where I remember the experience.

In terms of web coverage, people from harajuku/omottesando/daikanyama/shinjuku/etc. etc. get credit for dressing the best. I definetely agree that because of this Japan gets the highest ratings for most fashionable in Asia.

Koreans get plastic surgery like the procedure is a consumer good or something, so they probably look good.

Sorry i can't come to a decision on this... And fuck you for being so close-minded.

9 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-13 18:52 ID:UAssHCip

Going off-topic for a moment:

Surely plastic surgery is a consumer good? If it's done for an actual medical reason (e.g. burns) then everyone likes to call it "reconstructive surgery" rather than plastic.

10 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-15 03:44 ID:CKEvrPD+

Best people on tv? Hands down Korea.
But after being to both Japan and Korea, I give Japan props for being the most fashionable/best dressed. EVERYONE is well dressed there - its like I was living in between the pages of a fashion magazine.

11 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-15 12:50 ID:kqobwvNO

clearly the answer is russian lolita

12 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-15 12:50 ID:Heaven


13 Name: ibjk : 2008-04-16 02:04 ID:ujQNq6Ug

huh, well i think chinese, but because i like a chinese girl. but mixed like german/chinese are also incredibly hot

14 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-17 15:46 ID:0a65uTaE


Hey, it IS an Asian country.

15 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-17 15:46 ID:0a65uTaE


Hey, it IS an Asian country.

16 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-22 19:19 ID:k38tzVey

Japan, hands down.

17 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-23 16:44 ID:PsLZQwJM

to me its jap.. i'm from asia country i find jap has the most trendy fashion

18 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-24 23:47 ID:AjitutmP

It's definitely Korea. If you have actually traveled to Japan, you'll quickly realize they rank very, very low on the totem as far as looks go. I assume the OP is talking about physical attractiveness and not fashion.

19 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-30 14:41 ID:cYyRX2xd

Singapore or Hong Kong.

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23 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-02 23:18 ID:4KsKorve

>>20 sure, if you like ladyboys

for me I like Hong Kong or Japan, for looks and fashion, but Korea has some vast mainstream appeal, too.

24 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-28 07:27 ID:0+vrSjfC

Koreans dress pretty pimp.

Japanese are more physically attractive.

25 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-05-30 12:51 ID:JUQoWkA3

I'm a weeaboo so I'd have to go with Japan, like all of the other people who said Japan.

26 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-16 14:40 ID:xjNbeKsx

2 Choices:

  1. Thailand. Typically: Their eyes are wide and balanced. Straight, un-flat noses. Prim lips.
  2. Korea: Typically: White, clean, non-pimpled faces. Simple eyes that are beautiful.

27 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-27 19:10 ID:FmhHeUBS

U sure or not??? =______________________=

28 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-27 20:17 ID:OP2KMo3t

i'd say korea or japan. but then, maybe not, because so many of the women from these two places are only beautiful because of plastic surgery.

so i'll say china. they have less plastic beauties there, and there are a lot cuties

29 Name: Guru : 2008-07-06 04:56 ID:IUwiJdBa

Japanese and Koreans IMO

30 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-24 02:37 ID:pIAvSgiF

korea ftw

31 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-28 12:01 ID:aVDTmG26

... there are only a lot of cuties because china has the largest population?? duh.

32 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-28 12:03 ID:aVDTmG26

agree with 28, korea and japan looks too fake.
i'll say thailand

33 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-17 06:14 ID:37A+KbrZ

japanese ftw

34 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-18 06:51 ID:liCpCEEm

Japan and Thailand says this white guy

35 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-19 22:01 ID:++FAhQuW

japan on both counts.

36 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-22 14:31 ID:rM740GVz

cosmetic surgeries are popular in korea than in japan.

37 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-27 21:01 ID:ZXxYDaei

Japanese FTW! =D~~~~~~~~

38 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-29 00:03 ID:bqJ7sbMX

Korean girls are definitely the best looking asian girls, second is Vietnam. Japanese girls are so so irl.

39 Name: !wOTDXDxvTc : 2008-10-07 23:23 ID:4i1X+QLM

Best girls are in urinara nida <^_^>

40 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-10-23 06:16 ID:pIAvSgiF

korea yep

41 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-10-26 15:59 ID:tnaCMU8k

Japanese then Korean then Chinese. The other countries are not very different to chinese in fashion, or are not that rich to care about.

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44 Name: -[lt]- : 2008-11-15 06:21 ID:5kjHZfon

Japs then Chinese

45 Post deleted.

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47 Name: ϝαԍԍᴏϮ : 2012-01-30 04:35 ID:Vq/rZKNR

I like the Japanese look a little more, I guess, but it's really hard to say since you have such a wide range of looks within every ethnicity.

48 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2012-01-31 21:07 ID:IEUo3pGS

Well, the skin/bodies I would say South Koreans and Japanese. Chinese and Northern Koreans are not that great.

When it comes to clothing however, Japanese have the best fashion.

49 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2012-02-05 05:47 ID:/nHxDWp+

As a round-faced Anglo-Saxon male I am very jealous of Koreans with their tight cheekbones. But that's where my Korea-envy ends.

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