how prevalent is plastic surgery in japan? (13)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-26 15:48 ID:K6vGNxNv

from what i understand, and from what my japanese friends have told me... a lot of japanese girls have plastic surgery, especially on their eyelids... but just how prevalent is it among japanese girls today exactly? i know they don't see it as a big deal, and i have heard that one in ten japanese girls have had something done... but is it true?

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-29 06:33 ID:LbQkuCy7

Someone answer, or do you guys not really know about this topic??

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-29 06:33 ID:LbQkuCy7

Because I want to know too ^^

4 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-28 12:09 ID:K+5bKpJz

yes,its true.

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-28 18:37 ID:bWIm9c+k

Are you Japanese?

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-29 03:37 ID:AYZpf5WR

half japanese half korean

7 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-08-31 22:42 ID:Heaven

Nida will most likely hate this!

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-14 03:05 ID:YgZHdQVW

Plastic surery ads are all through fashion magazines in Japan. It was a little weird to see how prevailant it was. I'm not sure how many girls do it, though.

As for eyelid surgery, I guess most are opting for eyelid tape, which lifts their eyes up a bit.

9 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-09-15 17:40 ID:Ol2AjMGK

Some of them don`t get surgery they use a sort of eye glue that glues their eyelid.
Look up Eyetalk, it should come with a video.

10 Name: !wOTDXDxvTc : 2008-10-07 16:02 ID:8C4SkHVQ


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<# `Д´> aigoooooh

11 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-01-18 11:30 ID:0UNWLIBp

Why do some Japanese want to look more western? That's ridiculous. It looks so ugly too. Japanese beauty is unparalleled and they want to look like pig disgusting white trash.

12 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-01-19 05:45 ID:oD1nKOpK


... since when were they trying to look Western?

Something like 50% of Asians naturally have double eyelids...

13 Name: Giggity : 2009-11-18 02:42 ID:Heaven

Fucking weeaboo faggot.

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