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1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-01 20:19 ID:2CgbJW5f

" ◦ Discussion of drinks, drinking etc is also fine."

So, what are your fav drinks, or just plain good drinks, feel free to include the recipes.

Personally, I like Caipirinhas. A pity I drink so seldomly.

lots of lime wedges mashed in a glas, stir in some (preferably brown) sugar until disolved in the lime liquid, as much crushed ice as you wish, and add the cachaça (Brazilian cane sugar liquor), and stir.

Lacking cachaça you can replace it with vodka, which makes the drink a 'caipiroshka' rather than 'caipirinha'. or white rum to make 'caipiríssima'.
Supposedly you can approximate the cachaça by mixing equal parts silver tequila and light rum.
Non-acoholic version uses e.g. schweppes bitter lemon or similar instead of liquor.

Brazilian drink, but surprisingly popular in Germany. Can't complain.
for more about it.

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