Vegetarians and vegans (106)

1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-21 15:00 ID:fT5xTQW7

Any others here?

Which is the better meat substitute, tofu or wheat gluten?

How are you getting enough protein/calcium/iron/B12?

Know any good recipes to share?

Let's have some tasty discussions about these, and other interesting topics.

2 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-22 13:07 ID:wLV9wT0j

My friend is a vegan. But I think he only does that cause he wants to look cool or intresting.

3 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-22 17:13 ID:Heaven

My mother likes saying she's not a vegetarian, but she won't eat almost any meat, because she heard on TV that it was so dangerous.

I think I'd go vegetarian if I had to kill the animals myself and wasn't starving, though.

4 Name: Kali 2006-02-26 18:19 ID:E4WmiFuF

Well personally i'm not vegan though i do have some friends that are. I think tofu is a better substitute since you can cook more with that in general then just gluten and flavor it pretty well. My friends usually take vitamins to keep up the nutrition that they need.
Good recipe if you like brocolli is take
1 tbp oil, 2 cloves of minced garlic Brown the garlic in the oil pour in 1/4 cup of white wine cook out and toss with your cooked/boiled greens. This is also good with your vegan pastas if you find it just use 5 tablespoons of oil and let rosemary and basil simmer on the wine while it's cooking out.

5 Name: MJP@work!.NK7VIATZo 2006-02-27 20:37 ID:K64dVHt0

I find that black beans are the best meat substitute. Here's my recipe:

Vegan Cuban-style Black Beans

1 green pepper
1 medium yellow onion
4 cloves garlic
2 fresh jalapeno chiles (optional)
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons lime juice
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1 lb dry black beans

  1. Cover the beans with cold water and let them soak overnight, at least 6-8 hours. Don't even think of using canned black beans.
  2. Remove the seeds and ribs from the green pepper and chop into medium-size chunks.
  3. Peel and quarter the onion.
  4. Peel the garlic cloves.
  5. If desired, seed the jalapenos. I like to leave them in for the spiciness. Substitute your favorite green chiles if you prefer.
  6. Toss the onion, pepper and jalapeno, garlic, salt, lime juice, and cilantro into a food processor. Process until somewhat mushy. This is called sofrito; it's great as both an ingredient for any dish or seasoning for a prepared one.
  7. Pour the water in which the beans have been soaking, as well as the beans and 3-4 tbsp of the sofrito into a pot. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 4-6 hours until the beans turn soft. Serve with rice.

Optional: add some coconut milk.

6 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-28 15:20 ID:MtZTH1+Q

I've been a veg for 10 years now, tend to go with soy protein based substitutes - they're a lot more common on the market and require little work for lazy cooks like myself.

7 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-02-28 18:28 ID:Heaven

This vegetarianism seems like a lot of work. I'm gonna stick to killing animals.

8 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-02-28 19:35 ID:Heaven

It's less work! You don't have to worry about weird meat and egg-based pathogens

9 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-02-28 22:15 ID:DCUGbyBV

MEAT ROCKS! Poultry also rocks. Not as much as meat, but...hey, fuck this! I'm at the top of the food chain, so I ROCK! Alla youze betta git in mah belly!

10 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-01 10:28 ID:1wJngX9u

Hey I have a question for you other vegans.
I've been vegan for almost 3 years.
I just started working at a coffeehouse and ever since I started working there (been about a month so far), I've had the most awful indigestion. My stomach hurts all the time and I can't shit right. The symptoms are exactly the same as when I eat meat or milk by accident.

Part of my job is grilling up greasy bacon sandwiches and the like. Could it be possible that just being around floating grease particles or something would fuck up my stomach so much?

Someone else said that maybe drinking a lot of coffee would do that to someone, but I don't know if 5 cups a day is enough to do that.

11 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-01 23:25 ID:Heaven

>5 cups a day

It would do that if you drank less coffee before you started working there.

12 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-03 05:29 ID:mC0zeKuF


I feel that way when I walk near a McDonald's...or the one time I actually had to get a drink there (car broke down, needed the cup to refill the coolant tank). You'll adjust if you're there enough, but it's normal if you're not used to that sort of thing.

13 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-11 19:17 ID:Jm3R31Hs

Now,you can drink it.

Better leave it unsaid

14 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-07-13 20:59 ID:xZ45/fsH

I was a vegan for a year once, was a nice experience, but I got drawn in by meat.

my advice, if you want to stick to vegan/vegatarianism, don't try to replace meat, go cold turkey. Most of the store-bought meat "replacements" have animal products in them anyway

On the bright side of being a vegan, you hardly ever fart.

15 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-08-05 14:53 ID:SpdZSl7j

I'm vegan and I fart a lot. But only if I hold my poop in for too long. If I make sure to poop whenever I feel the urge, then I don't fart.

You know how it is... you're busy all day and you don't have time to poop and stuff.

16 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-08-18 19:29 ID:Heaven

Vegans are retards that should be killed. Seriously, there is a reason why men is at top of the foodchain, and it's not to eat grass.

17 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-07 10:11 ID:xZ45/fsH

I'm with >>14, but that's copypasta of something I said a year ago.

18 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-07 11:19 ID:YPKkeD2E

I'm a pescetarian (vegetarian + fish). I don't think I really go out of my way to get anything special, but I'm at great health my doctor says (well, except I have chronic asthma and some allergies).

19 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-09 23:00 ID:AFtXFyyo

I'm a muslim, so I can only eat halal and kosher meat.

However, I grew to dislike most meat completely (unlike the rest of my family) so I really only eat kosher processed meat, hamburgers, and seafood.

20 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-12 20:12 ID:J/Z7ZxVG

If people don't want to be vegetarians, I think that it's at least healthier to limit the intake meats. Especially things like beef. To me it makes the beef taste that much better when you actually have it.

It's the same with pop (or soda). I rarely drink it, and it tastes so much better on the few occasions that I drink it. I don't understand people that drink it everyday. It looses some of the taste because you just get used to drinking it all the time.

21 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-13 11:47 ID:Otz7bWOz

Yeah... Soda definitely without a doubt is not something that should be consumed every single day, the same way one shouldn't be drinking booze every single day. -_-;;

22 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-10-19 04:10 ID:JWK6798N


Not even like one can per day... there are people that down 1 or 2 2-liters in a day.

23 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-16 18:05 ID:F2z4YJxb

>>20 - same with me

I pick on vegetarians a lot, but I don't think the big meat diet is the way to go.

24 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-17 04:51 ID:UzNDRHDh


"When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass and so, we are all connected in the great circle of life"


25 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-18 13:53 ID:EMmfog+Q

>>1 Know any good recipes to share?

Cut tofu into strips, dip in egg, roll in breadcrumbs, and fry 'em.

The sauce is key, experiment with proportions:
-lots o' brown sugar
-lots o' soy sauce
-lots o' ginger
-some garlic
-some parsley
-some water
-some hot red crushed pepper
-try sake, molasses, shredded tangerine w/ peel... see what works!

Serve with white rice (boiled w/ at least twice as much water than rice to make it sticky) and your choice of fresh veggies... spinach, bean sprouts, and bok choi all recommended.

Put everything in a bowl and pour on liberal amounts of heated sauce. Eat with chopsticks. Enjoy!

26 Name: yeah and.. : 2006-12-22 13:35 ID:fSWf4mQa

whats up with these veggie meatballs? theres no meat i them so why name them veggie meatballs? lol

27 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-28 10:31 ID:v+0TYNR2

veggie balls doesn't seem to market well.

28 Name: yeah and.. / Oily Skin : 2006-12-28 10:47 ID:fSWf4mQa

hehe, not to strage..

29 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-12-29 22:42 ID:HghFLigZ

I just quit vegetarianism 2 weeks ago.

I couldn't afford it to be honest.

I lost 4 stone in 2 months...

30 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-01-26 01:37 ID:Heaven


Hmm, I wasn't there for the killing, but I did skin, cut open, and clean rabbits once.

I think I'd still eat meat if I had to slaugher them. I tried being a vegetarian. It didn't work.

31 Name: Anonym~!u2azanJkqA : 2007-02-01 21:57 ID:QhjyLmCN


I'd suggest a mixture of the 2...
and >>29, dude, I'm a veg and you can still keep a healthy weight.

32 Name: Oily Skin : 2007-02-08 15:46 ID:fSWf4mQa

>>31 yeah and guess why, you dont get enough good fat in your food!! we all need some tasty fat.

33 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-02-08 20:50 ID:DRGbBaDB

One meal of mine uses boca burger patties that are made of both soy protein and wheat gluten. Very good.
Toast 2 slices of ezekiel 4:9 bread, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.. boca patty.
Another meal uses pure protein powder.
Boiled oat groats, black beans, flax seeds, non-fat milk, sliced peaches, and protein powder. Delicious.
I take breakfast along with a pack of multi-vitamins.

34 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-04-10 18:25 ID:wSb45Dth

Boca, Garden, Morningstar farm burgers are all pretty fucking terrible. I'm a vegeterian been one for about 2 years. My diet isn't perfect usually lacking beans/protein but I drink a decent amount of milk to make up for it.

I just really dislike the taste of meat, fish, and chicken. It's not an ethical thing. My dinners usually consist of a vegetable stir fry usually green beans/asparagues/onions, bread, and dairy. I've got some tofu lying around but I'm not sure how to cook it/season it.

35 Name: Mad Scientist : 2007-04-13 06:01 ID:pJaWUXTO

Sorry can't help you there if you ask me there is no substitute for meat.
I couldn't live with out a good steak or some nice grilled salmon.

36 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-04-15 03:30 ID:gg1Xw3R1

Boca burgers, when prepared properly, are pretty damn tasty.

I also love to use those Morningstar meal starters (the steak and chicken fajita style ones, I put them in just about everything.) Tofu sucks, unless it's in some sort of Asian dish that specifically calls for tofu. It's typically pretty bland and boring though.

I've been a vegetarian for nearly 9 years now, and have had no health problems, don't have to take vitamin supplements or anything. I'm a little slim, but not underweight, (although I can't seem to put on weight, but I think that's just my metabolism.)

37 Post deleted by moderator.

38 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-05-13 02:58 ID:zx4OZlIm

plants have consciousness as well as any animal does. don't think plants aren't intelligent beings that don't feel pain when you eat them. fools

39 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-05-13 11:20 ID:Heaven

Tempeh sounds like a pretty good meat substitute.

It's pretty amusing that most of the world's population is more or less vegetarian.

40 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-05-13 21:26 ID:9crA69Nw


I don't know if you've ever had tempeh before, but I found it to be terrible. Some people may like it, and in fact it came highly reccommended to me as a meat substitue, but I thought it was awful. The flavor was bland, and the texture was like eating pine nuts.

41 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-05-14 03:58 ID:FPCvpg89

I'm >>34 and I agree Tempeh does taste pretty good. I've only had it fried but it was at least tolerable. I really can't get how people like Boca burgers.

You have to flavor tempeh.

42 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2007-05-14 05:48 ID:Heaven

I haven't had it yet. It's on my "Try" list. I've just read a lot about it, and based on what I knew, it sounded tasty.

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