Channel4 (beta)

Updated: Bl^Hogrolls now added to all subscribing members and affiliates!

Channel4 is an exciting new way of communicating and trolling with people all around the world because like you they can't go outside. Idiots who tried to become " Registered users" can discuss a variety of topics and share their non-existant social life with other idiot users.

The benefits of registering to Channel4:
∙ Share your thoughts amongst one of the fastest growing web communities
∙ Chicks really dig it! (ed: oh god what I am saying???)
∙ Keep all your real friends in the one place (friends on IRC don't count)

Registration is free!*
*for as long as I can seize your 200+ DVD animu collection, and sell it.
The abuse of 'display:none' was proudly brought to you, in part, by the Elitist Superstructure. Please, DO NOT post on /req/ complaining that the site is now web two point rubbish, because nobody made you become ignorant. That's how I roll.
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