Hooked on HL2. (15)

3 Name: 返信 2005-04-14 18:48 ID:mVTaJqrw

> when the Doom III one could barely clock 20 FPS at the medium settings.

lol.. why do people who love HL2 just HAVE to complain about DOOMIII?? i tell you why, beacuse it's BETTER!..
By including doom3 in your sentence and complaining about the FPS (beacuse your computer sucks), you only prove that you wish that HL2 was better... HL2 'in my opinion' is the same game i played 1998.. just with a different cover & shitty story.

yes, DOOM3 has a shitty story too, but who gives a facek?
D3 IS A REMAKE! .. HL2 is a NEW GAME...

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