PSP possibly NOT region free? (4)

1 Name: Cyber Akuma!9pQvCy3xq2 04/12/15(Wed)04:46 ID:PUE17jJ+ [Del]

Sony has been announcing that the PSP will have region encoding for movies and music, however, the claimed that there will not be any region encoding for games.

However, many people that have bought a Japanese PSP have noticed what looks like a Region 2 (the DVD region of japan) symbol on the covers of almsot every PSP game, a few even have a "For Japan Only" message on the box.

This is starting to raise some speculation that the PSP might actually have region encoding, and that a USA PSP might not be able to play JAP games and vice-versa.

One theory is that like DVD players, the PSP has the capability to be region free (A.K.A. region 0) but its up to the game developers if they wish to lock their game to a region or make it free, and in all honesty if this is the case, how many developers are actually not going to region lock their games? DVD manufacturers arent required to region lock their movies but pretty much everyone does it anyway.

So, what are your opinions on this issue? Personally I am seriously hoping that there isnt any region locks for the games, I coudlent care less about the movies or music, I just want to be able to play games from anywhere without any modifications, as most people were originally led to believe.

2 Name: THRILLHO 04/12/15(Wed)10:28 ID:uzKmK4A4 [Del]

I agree with you >>1. I don't see how they could loose money by regioning games, instead I see more profit because gamers will buy games from other countries. Now local game censorship aside, there is nothing really to loose to. Unless it's actually somewhat more complicated than we think....

I'll be waiting for the game pirates to try and find a code-execution bug or some way to rip/play games. It didn't take long with the Gamecube, with any of Sony's other consoles (not hard considering you can just use CloneCD), and the N-Gage was a laugh.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 04/12/15(Wed)12:12 ID:quNhxllB [Del]


If you don't region-code, people can buy games from other regions where they may be cheaper. The purpose of region coding is market segmentation, so they can overcharge those who will pay more.

4 Name: test 2005-11-09 10:29 ID:Heaven

Cho-Rensha 68k for Windows
Developer: Yosshin
Genre: Epic Vertical Shooter
Version: 1.01
Download: (official, latest version) (old version)
System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/XP, CPU Clock 400MHz or higher, DirectX 5 or higher
English Manual: N/A
Move - Joystick, Arrow key, Ten key
Shot - Trigger A, Z, Ctrl
Bomb - Trigger B, X, SHIFT
Pause - Trigger C, Q
Quit - Esc
(config) Screen Mode - F1, F4, F5
(config) F / G - Vertical Synchronization / Timer Synchronization
(config) H / J - Synchronization ON/OFF
Secret Mode: Config Menu > Hold down Up Arrow key for a few seconds
A classic of doujin vertical shooter. Game pad is a must not to ruin your Z key.
Aim for 20mln!

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