The future of games PC or consol (18)

1 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-08 15:31 ID:LVbC9FKC

Do you think PC will continue to have games on it , or will consoles take over?
Or have consoles already taken over(look at japan)?

2 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-08 19:39 ID:OZPx2AO/

Consoles didn't take over in Japan, they were simply there first. PC gaming over there was never that big to begin with. In fact, with the success of doujin games the PC game market over there is probably slightly increasing.

The PC will always have games on it, even if its share of store shelf space atrophies, simply because anyone can write a game for the PC.

3 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-08 19:47 ID:4rGaqNzY

On the other hand, some people will never want to bother with installing a game, making sure to have the right drivers, etc.
Popping in a cartridge or a CD-ROM is just much more convenient.

4 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-10-09 00:06 ID:6FtsVXYp

Anything that can display graphics, receive user input and run custom code will have games written for it forever.

That said, I kind of wish PC gaming would die, because it sucks so bad. The games are overblown and overproduced, and software is released half-finished and patched up afterwards, if the publisher can be arsed. The only thing that is actually fun to play on PCs these days are various little indy games.

5 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 05:34 ID:KQ8IA4VC


I dunno; the main hook for these games is that they tend to have their basis in OTHER popular Japanese PC games. It doesn't seem like they're reaching too far out of the market. The only game that's really reached out of the PC otaku market is Melty Blood, because that game's gotten an arcade release. But that's just going from one niche group to another.

6 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 13:27 ID:zsVzxeuA

I used to think consoles were basically trash compared to pc games, but now I've done a complete u-turn. Console games are just at a much higher quality than pc games, the talent just isnt there on the pc.

You would never find something as wonderful as MGS2 on a pc, just the plot, art direction, programming used in that game blows the whole pc games industry out of the water.

7 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 20:34 ID:LVbC9FKC

yes basicly PC is MMO(wow "quitted after a week") games and FPS(half life2"finished in a day") games with small gameplay time , now.
And i also miss the BugFree games , now that xbox got HD they are starting to use patches.
Why don't they make games as they did before.

8 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 22:13 ID:zsVzxeuA

Thats what annoys me about the introduction of harddrives to consoles, before your game HAD to be bug free to an extent 98% of users would never find a problem. But now they can slack off and rush products out like pc developers, anyone who bought half life during its first 7 months of release will know this is very very annoying.

Also with 360 now they can sell extra content to you, I mean they make it sound like its "lovely extras" but as most people will hopefully realise this just means they chart out the game features then circle a bunch of levels/characters/weapons etc and those will be the downloadable$$$$$$content

9 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 23:20 ID:pVsisTV/

>>8 yes i know , thats why you should trow 360 away.
Xbox started somwhat good , but after live came and the so called mission pack's with patches came it sucked hard.

10 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-09 23:21 ID:pVsisTV/

I have NEVER have to return/patch a playstation game.
MOST of games on PC either don't work now , or they never worked.

11 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-11 01:28 ID:K1WA7nkm

While consoles conform to uniform standards, every PC is drastically different. This is why so many more patches are needed for PC games.

12 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-11 01:34 ID:e8a+jnTx

PC Games are great for amateurs developing games, though.
The whole doujin game scene wouldn't exist without PCs, no amateur team would do the same for any console.
And then there is also a lot of emulation stuff going on for PC.

13 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-11 06:18 ID:Ju96cQm9

There's actually quite a few "amateur teams" still producing games for the PC-Engine (TurboGrafx in the US). Just about every console released has been hacked to allow user code to run on it. Having said that it is more difficult for amateurs to develop for a console.

Personally I like PC games because they are, in general, easier to alter. Savegames and other game data can be changed to alter the gaming experiance. Once I even added Mahoro's gun (from Mahoromatic) to Max Payne.

For me half the fun is playing the game, the other half is playing with the game.

14 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-10-11 12:26 ID:sxvNM/fQ


I think I pretty much covered that with the first line, but maybe I was being to obtuse.


Doesn't that just imply the game kind of sucked to start with, if it's that easy to make it more fun by modifying it? I've had my share of fun with game modding, but really, the games I really like, I haven't got the slightest urge to do anything about, because there's no point. A good game is a totality, and you can't just change around the details without ruining the whole thing.

15 Name: 12 2005-10-11 12:38 ID:O20/K82Y

Well, you can technically code for all platforms. It's just that on PCs it is incredibly easy, compared to all other platforms.

16 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-10-11 12:50 ID:Heaven


To put it in a historical context, game programming has always been easiest and most popular on home computers. These days, that mostly means just "Windows", though, which is a shame.

Also, with Windows machines they way they are these days, it is indeed very easy to write bad code for them. Writing a game that works reliably across the spectrum of machines out there is quite a task, though.

If it was easier to get code onto consoles (and some good dev kits), they'd be much easier to develop for than PCs. Sadly, that is not the case.

17 Name: THRILLHO 2005-10-11 17:41 ID:MLNaFSHk

I usually don't start messing with a game until after I've beaten it. Instead of being done with game I can get more replay value by modding it. In Doom II I turned the 1 point healths into cupcakes that followed me around. (Fun stuff!)

(Summary: Modding = more replay value)

18 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-10-12 00:40 ID:Heaven


Still - for the games I really like, I haven't got the slightest urge to do this, even if it was possible (which it isn't, since these are console games). You can't take something like Rez or Ikaruga or Ico and somehow modify it without creating something that just sucks.

It's the bland and unoriginal games that are fun to modify.

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