Convince me, Anonymous (8)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-07-20 15:16 ID:+nWWFDCn

Hello Anonymous - I'm assuming some of you have an XBOX360. I already have a Wii (although my friends inconcievably don't seem to like it as much as me), and so far the PS3 hasn't interested me enough to want it yet, or for some time. I mostly try and stick to my older games, most of which I still have to wrap up. I guess I'm kind of old-hat that way. Anyway, I've never owned an XBOX before, but the 360 has begun to pique my interests, but sadly I know very little about the system or it's games. I'm a fan of RPG's, although lately become slightly dissolusioned at the trend of flashy, 190 hour rpg's that i just. I also like RTS games, and FPS games, though I've never really played any FPS co-op. I remember trying Halo at a friends', and while I didn't really like the controls too much, I did have a ton of fun just playing around, throwing sticky grenades at each other.

Anyway, all of that aside, I was wondering what about a 360 i should consider when I think about buying one? any what are the merits of the different "editions"? will I lose out if I have an older "entertainment centre" without a lot of bells and wistles? Basically, I would like Anonymous to "Sell me" on the 360. Will i get enough out of it if I'm not too keen on some of the mostly action oriented games I've seen? Are their games as varied as the PS2's? thanks for the help!

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