PCs pwn consoles (22)

10 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-08-12 22:57 ID:Luiz6D77


true, but honestly, with my ps2, I can buy any game released for ps2 and put in my release day ps2, and it will always work. I don't need to worry about graphics cards, driver, OS (Linux owners and Mac owners get fucked in the game market), whether upgrading my pc software will fuck up some other program I like (I've had that happen several times), etc. I just decide if I want the game.

Okami won't fuck my hard drive and install half a dozen unwanted programs all over my system, it won't overwrite my drivers, it won't require me to be locked into the dominant Windows system ATM, and I'll never have to worry that my hardware on my ps2 won't handle it. I buy the game, take it home and play it.

Now if you don't mind all of that, PC is better. It has better graphics, and it has the good RTS games on it. But for convienience, it's console all the way.

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