The Wii - Is the shine wearing off? (50)

23 Name: AoiSK : 2007-10-31 07:06 ID:A9JMcmf9

From what I've seen, all of the new consoles besides the MAYBE the PS3 are leaning toward multiplayer. The 360 has live, the PS3 has Home? and the Wii has this mass number of multiplayer mini-games that you enjoy with your friends. That being said, of course theres going to be a group of people saying that its losing its touch. However, with Twilight Princess out and Metroid on its way. The Wii should start appealing to the people that think the Wii is not complete.... Assuming that they don't mind the graphics of course.

Note that I dont own a Wii, I just play their games here and there. I do agree that the Wiimote needs a revamp to the system because it has a weird laggy feel when pointing at my screen x.x;;. I also dont like how they did SSBM's controls.

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