The Wii - Is the shine wearing off? (50)

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-22 03:18 ID:8ElMa+RM

If you were to compare it to the DS, the Wii hardware took off like the DS Lite but with the software of the DS Phat. I think the Wii is entering that hazy middle period experienced by the DS where the touch novelty was starting to wear off but developers were still finding their footing. The DS has its fair share of minigame collections too, like Cooking Mama and Feel the Magic. Not to mention tech-demos-as-games like Pac Pix with the occasional inspired gem like Kirby Canvas Curse.

It'll need its own mass appeal Nintendogs or Brain Training to get over the "hump". Wii Fit could well be that.

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