Zero Online MMORPG and other Mecha based MMORPG (9)

1 Name: Setsuna : 2008-07-17 22:23 ID:Psh0Z6AP

What do you think about this game?

Zero Online

I also try Age of Armor

But I found out that AOA is dull although the game can be played in full resolution (on my CRT) and the mechs looks big here.The human characters in here are lame....

What do you of think of it? Zero online is cool as it got variety of mechs and looks vivid but a beta game is a beta game......

2 Name: Setsuna : 2008-07-19 00:29 ID:Psh0Z6AP

oh c'mon srsly...

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-07-19 22:33 ID:Heaven


4 Name: Setsuna : 2008-07-20 01:07 ID:Psh0Z6AP


5 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-07-20 15:07 ID:WCymBZi3

RF online..

Thats got mechs]

And a lot of grinding to boot.

6 Name: Setsuna : 2008-07-20 15:19 ID:Psh0Z6AP

Tried once, can't install on my windows vista system =.=......

I want to play that game....

7 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-07-21 13:26 ID:WCymBZi3


Don't worry, its not really that good. Too much grinding, I swear every quest is the same.

8 Name: Setsuna : 2008-07-21 17:20 ID:ScJqj2hm


Well isn't most MMORPG like that XD?

9 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-07-26 12:20 ID:WCymBZi3

Maybe but um. You're just given quests, you don't seek them out. When you reach a certain level they are broadcasted to you. Kill x enemy 20 times. Ok now kill y enemy 20 times. Good job. ARE YOU READY FOR Z? Yes I am I just levelled perfectly on x and y.

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