PSP or ds whats the advantages/disadvantages (12)

8 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-02-13 17:17 ID:pEcJYGvi

yeah, it really just comes down to games, and pros and cons for any system are eventually superseded by what games are on it.

Most games on the DS are meant to be picked up and played whenever, for long or short periods of time. True, there's plenty of shovelware, there is by no means a shortage of awesome games for the DS. Mario kart DS, Advance Wars Dual Strike, Advance Wars Days of Ruin, Disgaea DS, Kirby's canvas curse, new super mario bros, final fantasy tactics advance 2, Animal crossing, Metroid prime hunters, LoZ phantom hourglass, Final fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV (best remake ever), some great ports of snes and 64 games, and more

For music and 3d graphics, psp has plenty of games in that department, lots of RPGs, tactics, action, racing, weird japanese, puzzle. Final fantasy tactics, disgaea, FF dissidia, Metal gear solid special ops, patapon, wild arms crossfire, Star Ocean 1, Star OCean 2, blah blah

though I'm a DS fan, and I don't have a PSP, I can see merits of both systems. I would get a PSP, but it's just a liiiiitle outta what's comfortable for me to buy, and I just don't want to invest in ANOTHER console. I have enough games to wrap as it is.

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