Model Airplanes (4)

1 Name: Anonymous modeler : 2006-06-02 09:44 ID:+kcL2ZmB

This is where we talk about model airplanes. Any kinds, such as propeller, jet or helicopter and any scales are OK.
As for me, I often make the US Navy's current airplanes mainly in 48th scale.

2 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2006-06-09 06:24 ID:0NEq8vEn

I still love the 1/48 scale model of Russian Mi-24 hind

3 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2006-06-25 19:49 ID:CtjKNt7c

I used to be into scale modeling but haven't had time or space for it recently.

I remember, though, that the first model airplane I was really proud of, really impressed with, when I finished it, was a Testors (actually Italeri, but Testors was the importer once) F16A in 1/72 scale, which I did up in Israeli camo and decals. I remember wishing at the time that the kit had come with more A2G ordnance and thinking it would have looked sweet with AGM65s and 70mm rockets on the hardpoints under the wings.

4 Name: Ikkitousen_Custom : 2006-12-17 23:17 ID:kf+D7JTW

hello people, I´m used to be a good modeler of planes, but when I started my university studies i gave up and all my precious models finished in the hands of a one survived. These are those one which finished as trash: sr-71 (1/72 monogram); A-1 skyraider (1/72 heller); F4J Phantom II (1/72); AH-1W Super-Cobra (1/48 italeri); AH-64 Apache (1/48, italeri).....and there is a lot of more I can´t remember...T_T....well, time passed and I finished my career, now as a doctor I spent my time between my patients and some that come to the ER, and that was why I re-started with my hobby of plane modeling (seeing people smashed, cut-off in pieces, arms and legs amputated, etc) -yeah have no sense but well- I started buying some models: Mig29 monogram (1/48); Su-35/37 (1/48), F16A (1/48 academy), Jaguar Mk1- Mig 23-Mig 27 -F5E all from EscI (1/48) and some in 1/72 scale....Saint God, I lost my "touch" for modeling!!! I started with the 1/72 scale (almost five months ago) and I ´ven´t finished yet!!! ...damn! I have to practice with this scale before i start with the others!!!!

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