Are Copics available in the US? (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-11-29 05:59 ID:K/bQwzfn

I was thinking of buying Copics but if they're not available in the US, I was thinking of getting prismacolors..

2 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-04 16:18 ID:+f3yPhXP

Prismacolors are probably the best alternative, I used them all throughout art school and professionally, and thought they may be expensive enough to make the wallet pocket bleed rainbows, they're damned good markers.

3 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-12-04 16:22 ID:+f3yPhXP


*though, not thought...

/me needs to use spealchak

4 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-01-02 16:45 ID:DPEyQ1cN

Yes, Copics are available in the US. Check US retailers.

Saw them at Art Media and Uwajimaya.

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