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What is “Wattention”?
The title of our website, WATTENTION, contains the character "和"(Wa), which means "Japanese-like", "peace" and "calmness"in Japan. The word "Wa" also means "link", and it is this double meaning that reflects our idea to unite both Singapore and Japan.

From the Publisher
With the aim of bringing you the best of Japan - from the very latest trends to the most traditional aspects of its culture - we're proud to bring you WATTENTION.

As Japanese companies, along with their products and services, become more commonplace in Singapore, it's easy to see the influence that Japanese food, fashion and design are having in your daily life. In a word, Japan is becoming very familiar to everyone living in Singapore these days.

With the integration of our two cultures that's taken place in recent years, there's never been a better time to introduce the bounty of Japan to Singapore. Along with the latest trends, our aim is to also showcase Japan's unique customs, culture, history and roots. That's the thinking behind WATTENTION.

The content includes the most up-to-date reports, together with historical aspects from Japan that will, hopefully, further fuel your curiosity about our country. We hope 'WATTENTION' becomes a bridge between our two countries.

I invite you to open the door that leads you into more fascinating and formal aspects of Japan. Welcome to the world of WATTENTION!

Yasuko Suzuki

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