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1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-15 18:14 ID:aCaiithr

Last night every thread on /b/ had at least one post containing some kind of troll and a link.

If you copied the link into your browser, out of curiosity, you never got any content. It would display a giant image with "Image loading" as the ALT text, which never loaded. At the bottom, you might notice that it was hitting the server 4chan uses for ads. And moments later you'll find our you were banned, because there was Javascript on that page that was using your machine to spam more crap to /b/, and also a 50% chance of posting "ban me lol" to /fit/.

If you're curious about a spammed link, always try it out in Lynx or something first. Here is a complete catalog of all the trolls. The tilde is where the URL that gets you banned.

var list = [];
list[0] = "~\n\noh lawd is that sum CP?";
list[1] = "4chan is where ANONYMOUS CRIMINALS hang out. ANONYMOUS CRIMINALS vandalized my website with CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and HORSE RAPE. I have a message for CRIMINAL ANONYMOUS MEMBERS:\n\n~\n\nAS YOU CAN SEE, THE VANDALISM IS REMOVED.";
list[2] = "Susan Lillip was raped at the age of 3 by her grandfather. This is what her genitalia looked like after he violently molested her:\n~\n\nCHILD RAPE IS NOT A JOKE.";
list[3] = "Octocat Adventure! Octocat Adventure! The third one is even better than the first two:\n\n~\n\n\"I DO HAVE PARENTS, I DO, I DO!!!\"";
list[4] = "Fuck. Scientology protestors have broken rules 1 and 2 in an effort to distance themselves from the *chans:\n\n~";
list[5] = "You're all going to hell, and this man is here to tell you why:\n\n~";
list[6] = "Do you like anime? Join my new anime forum here:\n\n~";
list[7] = "The Second Dynamic is the force driving all people to survive through the production of offspring. But if your reactive mind has been conditioned to identify interaction with the opposite sex with embarrassment and humiliation, you may be misled into contra-survival activities such as posting on 4chan. Scientology can clear the engrams causing your anxiety, and help you to become a fullfilled and happy person. Learn more here:\n\n~";
list[8] = "Warning! Visiting this page may be harmful to your computer:\n\n~";
list[9] = "These children are the victims of rape and murder. Look at their pictures, read their stories, and I guarantee you'll never joke about rape again:\n\n~";
list[10] = "These pornographic images were so distasteful that they have been banned in Holland.\n\n~\n\nI am showing them to you in the interest of defending free speech.";
list[11] = "Scientologists stalked me to my house and parked outside in a white van. This is the video I shot of them, including their license plate number:\n\n~";
list[12] = "I'm going to kill myself on live video.\n\n~\n\nWatch me.";
list[13] = "The FBI is posting links in various forums, ostensively to CP, in order to prosecute people who click them:\n\n~";
list[14] = "The university I attend has sent me a letter threatening to expel me for belonging to the \"hate group Anonymous\":\n\n~\n\nIs this awesome? [y/n]";
list[15] = "Watch out, Anonymous, she's bought a dog now:\n\n~";

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-15 20:59 ID:Heaven

Old news.
One time, they did this trick with modified script that posted IP and hostname of person went to that URL in one specific thread (bumping it, of course). Though it was easy to retrieve code for deletion of those posts and remove such messages.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-15 21:19 ID:yZ/Gj7O0


4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-15 22:13 ID:aCaiithr

This variation puts your IP and hostname in the email field. It was scattered along seemingly random threads, though the URL contained the number of the current reply.

How did the neko forest spam propagate itself? I heard it was a malicious version of the 4chan Firefox plugin.

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