VIP Quality Shirts (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-24 05:40 ID:B1/+ZbPR

Not sure if anyone who visits SAoVQ saw this but the owner is getting a bunch of 2ch/VIP shirts printed in case anyone is interested. As for me, I am purchasing the bu-n.

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-24 08:36 ID:Heaven

commercial fags.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-26 17:16 ID:R7pkaIlh

How to make these yourself:

  1. A tshirt.
  2. Tshirt Transfer paper
  3. A printer

Print design on transfer paper. Iron to Tshirt. You can find transfer paper in most art and craft shops, and also supermarkets.

Total Saving : About $10 for a shirt you'll wear once

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-26 18:01 ID:GGSDriMU

Or just do it CafePress for those who are lazy like me

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2008-04-29 15:39 ID:Heaven

Not that I'm buying one, but he stated that he's buying quality, which you won't get from a transfer or cafepress.

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