The #1 easiest language to learn? (140)

40 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-11-14 17:08 ID:Fxb3doKj

German can be a very unpleasant language for singing in, too. Its too guttural, it sounds imposing and vaguely pretentious, musically speaking, it can be used reasonably in Opera, Military Marches, Church Music, or folk songs (preferrably Bavarian). English, on the other hand, can be inefficent, but no other language can rival its massive vocabulary (Look at Oxfords English dictionary, all 12-13 volumes of it). Of course, as a polyglot language, its native speakers have some difficulties learning other languages, due to English mixing germanic and romance traits, making it one of those "betwixt and between" sort of languages, a "Jack of All trades, Master of None". The various pidgin languages that have evolved from it are fun to listen to, though!

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