The #1 easiest language to learn? (140)

57 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-04-01 23:33 ID:7/p5H/gr

Lobjan is a bitch.

I've never seen such a convoluted system. Just because every other language on the fucking planet uses nouns and verbs, Lobjan decided to be cute and drop all of that in favour o its own terms. Why? It's retarded. It guarentees that most auxlang learners will choose a language that they can learn without having to learn a new type of grammar.

Glosa is probably the easiest auxlang I've run across, with Ido being a close second. Glosa is an isolating language, so you don't conjugate anything. Just put the words in order, and you're done. Ido only conjugates the verbs, so that's pretty easy too. Esperanto isn't bad, but I'm not acostomed to worrying about conjugating the nouns, so that's hard to learn.

I think if it weren't for tones and hanzi, chinese would be simple enough to learn.

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