The #1 easiest language to learn? (140)

93 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2007-10-18 15:57 ID:GxlVtAXI

japanese is the easiest language to learn if you have not meet a single language before, it is it's simplicity that causes ppl from english/ other backgrounds can't help thinking complicatedly

in japanese understood things are left from the sentence, thus it's a non-moron language

altough it's sov in structure, your hardly find sov in conversation, usually you only see ov as subjects are mostly understood

english is quite easy after i've been educated for years, it only needs activation basics and after you passed that activation basics, viola you own the language!

chinese is also quite easy for westerners after the grammar is romanized , which before was like japanese/korean , though the hardest part of chinese is the writing, i can't imagine how long will it take me to fully understand commonly used characters if my mom didn't send me to a chinese school since primary education

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