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1 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-06-12 20:16 ID:kQQrltcw

I was hoping someone here could check my translation of this text? It's from "Teach Yourself Russian". Here's what was originally written:

<b>Киев - столица Украины. Это очень старый город, "Мать Русских городов". В Киеве живёт два миллиона человек. Киев очень красивый город. Туристы очень любят отдыхать в Киеве. Здесь есть парки, леса и сады, кемпинги, гостиницы, дома отдыха, исторические иархитектурные памятики.

Однако, Киев - не только тристический центр, но также административный, зкономический и культурный центр Украины. В Киеве находятся болшие заводы, где делают самолёты, телевизоры и мотоциклы.</b>

And here's how I translated it:

<b>Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It is a very old city, and is [known as] "The Mother of Russian Cities". Two million people live in Kiev. Kiev is a very beautiful city. Tourists really like to rest in Kiev. Here there are parks, _____ (?) and gardens, camping sites, hotels, rest centers, and historical and architectural (?) monuments.

However, Kiev is not only a tourist center, but also the administrational, ______ (?) and cultural center of Ukraine. Situated in Kiev are large factories, where airplanes, televisions, and motorbikes are produced.</b>

Keep in mind, I'm merely a beginner. :)

2 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-06-17 14:58 ID:StYlRrHt

My Russian is quite rusty, but let me try to help you out a bit.

лес is forest.
architectural seems correct.
зкономический is economical or something like that.

3 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-07-01 20:21 ID:M63Te3WS

What is this "teach yourself russian" ?

4 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2006-07-07 15:27 ID:Heaven


X зкономический
O экономический

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