The Scots leid (4)

1 Name: Schottlander : 2007-12-01 10:54 ID:9s/700V3

Does anyone speak/understand Scots? It's the literary language of our most famous poet, but it seems as if it's a language spoken only by the working classes. I do not speak it on a daily basis, as it is no use at university, but my speech is peppered with Scots words, e.g. maukit, dreich, cannae etc. Does anyone else speak a language like this?

2 Name: LinguaOtaku : 2007-12-01 16:37 ID:ch+K/m/v

I speak Irish Gaelic through concerted effort to actually learn it. My dad's from Ireland but I'm English born.

3 Name: Schottlander : 2007-12-01 17:33 ID:9s/700V3


Hmmm cool, though I'm not sure if you can compare Irish Gaelic & Scots to a great degree: is Irish Gaelic the language of the working classes? Our Scottish Gaelic is spoken by a tiny minority in the Western Isles, only about 60 - 70,000.

4 Name: LinguaOtaku : 2007-12-01 18:07 ID:ch+K/m/v


It's the language of agriculture mainly. Spoken as a first language by 9000 people. School programmes have be ineffective at increasing its use in the home. I wrote my dissertation on Welsh vs. Irish Gaelic I'll try and find the link.

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