Cantonese for new people (4)

1 Name: jonathan : 2008-03-06 02:59 ID:jkEWS/ds

I have a cantonese speaking girlfriend who giggles any time I try to even learn individual words of canto. She also knows a ton of japanese and we're both enjoy good quality anime and the odd tv show. Should I give up on Canto and just learn a bit of japanese to broaden my linguistic knowledge?

2 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-03-06 07:36 ID:xAEbx0iW


3 Name: jonathan : 2008-03-06 08:08 ID:jkEWS/ds

Sounds good to me, short threat is short.

4 Name: Anonymous Linguist : 2008-03-06 10:40 ID:yaLa9OcP

no don't.

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